Product Name: Marjoram

Botanical Name : Majorana hortensls

Product Description: Marjoram Sifting

Benefits of Marjoram

  • Marjoram (Origanum majorana) is an aromatic herb in the mint family which originated in Egypt and Arabia. It is also widely referred to as Oregano. Today, it is commonly found in the Mediterranean region or grown in gardens around the world. In its varied forms of: marjoram essential oil, fresh or dried marjoram leaves, or marjoram powder (ground up marjoram), it has many uses. As a culinary additive, it is commonly used to flavor soups, sauces, salads, and meat dishes. Cosmetically, marjoram is used in skin cream, body lotion, shaving gel, and bath soaps. Whether used as an essential oil, powder, fresh leaves, or dried leaves, marjoram has many uses with numerous health benefits. Marjoram synonyms are: majorana hortensis, moench and majorana.
  1. Marjoram Green/green (80/90 gr.ltr)
  2. Marjoram Green/green (90/100 gr.ltr)
  3. Marjoram Green/gray (90/100 gr.ltr)
  4. Marjoram Green/gray (100/11gr./ltr)
  5. Marjoram Gray/gray (100/110 gr.ltr)
  6. Marjoram Gray/gray(110/120gr.ltr)
  7. Marjoram Fine cut
  8. Marjoram Powder

Packing: In bags 10-15-20 KGS Net Weight