Product Name: Anise

Botanical Name : Pim Pinella Anisum

Benefits of Anise

  • Thrombosis, Benefits for metabolism, Benefits for heart, Benefits for pain relief , Stimulates Pancreas, Antioxidant,Microbial infections and diseases, Seizures, Regulating Menstruation, Sexual Health, Anti-epileptic & Anti-hysteric, Babies Health, Oral Health, Respiratory Health, Remedies for Skin, Use as an Expectorant,Head lice,Anise for Boosting Lactation, Male climacteric, menstrual disorders, Microbial infections and diseases, Convulsions,Asthma, Insomnia, Cataract,Improves digestion
  1. Anise seeds Grade A Quality
  2. Anise seeds Grade B Quality

Season : Available all the Year

Packing: In polypropylene bag 25 KGS Net Weight