Product Name: Dill Tips

Botanical Name : Anthum graveolens

Product Description: Dill Tips Leaves Dill Tips Crushed leaves - Dill Tips whole eaves Dill Tips fine cut - Dill Tips Seeds Powder

Benefits of Dill

  • Dill has been around for centuries for both food and medicinal purposes. In the food industry, it’s primarily used for making those dill pickles that are commonly placed on grilled burgers and sandwiches. Dill seed, dill weed oil and fresh dill are the typical forms of dill and are often used by the food industry for added flavor in baked goods, snacks, condiments and meat products, and as ingredient in liqueurs. The fragrance industry has even taken advantage of dill by using it to produce soaps, perfumes, detergents, creams and lotions.

Packing: In bags 10-15-20 KGS Net Weight